What can you do to differentiate yourself from other companies? Invest in your employees, of course! Now, more than ever, it is becoming difficult to retain and attract employees to meet the demands of our expanding marketplace.

The Program You Design Matters. So Does the Partner.

On top of everything else your business has to manage, track and optimize, managing a Scholarship Program is enough to make your HR team’s head spin. That’s where we come in.

We design a program with your mission in mind and customize a strategy based on your desired impact. We also handle all the administration so you can focus on investing in the future of your company.

We provide the non-profit platform so your company, shareholders and cheerleaders can donate tax-deductible gifts that share the love with your favorite people- your employees and their family members. Your fund operates under the umbrella of our IRS tax exemption and 501(c)(3) designation. We keep your scholarship funds separate from all others managed by Desert Scholarship Foundation- allowing you to determine how you want to invest your scholarship dollars.

At Desert Scholarship Foundation, we get to know your company and what it stands for. Then, we design and manage a custom Scholarship Program that integrates with your talent management strategy and helps your business:

Foster a culture of appreciation and respect

Provide meaningful personal and professional development and growth opportunities

Boost job productivity, loyalty, happiness, wellness and retention

We are dedicated to making education attainable for all students, including your amazing employees and their families. Let’s share the love and build a better tomorrow, together.