Listening to scholarship recipients tell their story, and the heartfelt gratitude they have to their parents and donors for the generous personal and financial support they receive is hands down the best part about being involved with Desert Scholarship Foundation. 

Brian and Susan Amidei

I am a first-generation college graduate. I was gifted the privilege to attain my Bachelor’s Degree from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo without having to pay one dime for my diploma. My parents, Brian and Susan Amidei, worked tirelessly so that I was able to focus on my studies and graduate with no debt to my name.

With great privilege comes great responsibility.

I learned early in my adult life that I had the responsibility to spend my time and career lifting others up and helping them attain their dreams. I am blessed to have a team that feels the same way I do.

Our amazing volunteers give their time, talent and treasure to raise funds, provide guidance, expertise and oversight. 

Sandra Young

I also must thank Ms. Sandi Young, Chair of Desert Scholarship Foundation’s Board of Directors and my personal mentor. Her guidance and vision propelled our business model: First-class care, hands-on service, cost effective.

I am thankful to work with a select group of  scholarship funds and look forward to the opportunity to partner with more businesses to share the love.

Most Sincerely,

Blair Moss
CEO, Desert Scholarship Foundation